There are many soft business values.

There are many soft business values.
23 May, 2019

Your opportunities

We fully understand that a successful organisation is managed on the basis of rational financial supporting data for decisions. This is taken for granted in our business recommendation, where we clearly demonstrate the outcome of the investment based on your current situation.

But there is one thing that we leave you to evaluate.

You are in the best position to highlight opportunities to strengthen the more emotional brand associations concerning values such as environment, sustainability and responsibility towards your stakeholders.

The following are some of the market values that many organisations see as benefits.

  Stronger brand

Being associated with sustainability and responsibility is likely to help increase purchasing power, customer loyalty and goodwill over time. It is likely that the customers of the future will be even more demanding when it comes to more environmental aspects in both “consumer goods” and “business-to-business”.

 Employeer branding

Employee loyalty and pride at currently spending most of their life with an organisation that takes action on environmental issues generates strength and reduces likely staff turnover.

 Talent Management

The talent of the future will probably look for workplaces that challenge them and allow them to achieve self-fulfilment of their own and more global basic values. Most studies show that practical conditions should be seen more as hygiene factors and it is essential for the employers of the future to build more emotional ties to each employee.


An investment in solar energy for your roof, façade and land, for example, with night storage that is fed to your charging stations for electric vehicles would be likely to demonstrate comprehensive responsibility within your transition. What would an article with the loaded word of “sustainability” be worth to your stakeholders?


The global climate objectives, the government’s Agenda 2030, a renewable Sweden 2040, EU directives on sustainability reporting, the new climate law and the political parties’ greater commitment to environmental issues can all be assumed to generate subsidies in the future that reduce the business risk for responsible organisations. Read more on the government’s website about work on: “The Swedish environmental objectives”.

We are also happy to suggest the article entitled “The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability” in the Harvard Business Review, which provides a clear summary of the opportunities associated with sustainable investment: The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability, 2016.

These are some of the most common reasons in addition to the obvious reason of helping and being a positive force for the ecosystems of the future.

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