A comprehensive green tech supplier to companies.

A comprehensive green tech supplier to companies.
23 May, 2019

Solar energy

Run your business with sunshine

We work only with high-quality global manufacturers in solar energy who gain extra points for their other sustainability work. You give us the assignment and we take care of the entire process from planning to implementation with qualified technicians and ongoing SLA (Service Level Agreement). All business recommendations are always adapted on the basis of the unique possibilities of each property and are presented in 3D form using CAD technology with a precise production estimate.

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What can you expect from our quote in business terms?

  • Full responsibility focusing on the best total investment over time (Returns in relation to quality parameters).
  • A higher property valuation exceeding the amount of the investment (Based on improved net running costs & environmental profiling).
  • A business wise investment calculation with IRR & ongoing SLA  (Adjusted according to the property, complexity, size, subsidies and your electricity price).
  • A reduced business risk in terms of future increases in the electricity price over 25 years (Power guarantee).
  • Clear environmental profiling of the property with associated goodwill.


Are you curious about the solar energy potential for your business? 

Then your more then welcome to contact us for an investment draft based on your unique possibilities.

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