Each year, we give 10% back.

Each year, we give 10% back.
23 May, 2019

Our initiatives

We think it’s important to give something back to those who fight for the environment the most. For that reason, we always donate part 10% our profits to charitable organisations involved in environmental issues.

The World Wide Fund for Nature – Corporate Friend 2017-2019








We are proud to be a Corporate Friend 2017–2019 to the World Wide Fund for Nature and their important work on a global scale. Happy as we are at the benefits of becoming your supplier, we will be just as happy if you choose to contribute to their initiative.

You can read more about their work here: www.wwf.eu

The Solar Energy Association of SolarPower Europe & Sweden – Member







The industry organisation, the Solar Energy Association of SolarPower Europe and Sweden, works to make climate-smart solar technologies more available in Europe and Sweden. Our membership provides us with statistics, quality controls and expertise and we take part in all meetings on solar energy issues to keep ourselves up-to-date on the market.

You can also see your properties’ conditions for solar cell installation in Sweden here, where light yellow, yellow and red indicate good to excellent conditions: Solar map.: Solar map.

UN Global Compact

The UN’s work on the Global Compact is close to our hearts. We closely follow their work on the 10 universal principles regarding human rights, work environment, environment and anti-corruption. For us, their input is a key factor on the road to achieving the global objectives by 2030.

You can read more about their membership here: www.unglobalcompact.org


All decisions in our organisation aim to reduce our and our customers’ impact on the environment. We are constantly updating our range of services in the hunt for the most advantageous for you as a customer; we prefer digital above paper; we only drive hybrids or electric vehicles and we carefully manage the resources we ourselves purchase. Always with the best possible guarantee throughout the value chain. Complying with the guidelines in accordance with ISO2 6000 is something we take for granted.

Are you interested in standards or documentation from the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)? It is always possible to access our retail prices while we still help you via our overall concept.

Find out more about ISO26000 here: www.sis.se/tema/iso26000

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